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Polynucleotide treatments involve injections that stimulate collagen and elastin production, addressing various skin concerns and enhancing overall skin health. The journey begins with an initial consultation with Amanda, where she’ll assess your skin, discuss your concerns, and understand your desired outcomes. Based on this assessment, Amanda will create a custom treatment plan designed to address your specific skin issues, whether it’s reducing signs of ageing, improving hydration, or enhancing skin texture.

On the day of the treatment, your skin will be prepared, and polynucleotide injections will be carefully administered to the targeted areas. Expect to see revitalised skin texture, enhanced hydration for a plumper look, and a visible reduction in signs of ageing. With polynucleotide treatments, you can achieve long-lasting results, maintaining a rejuvenated appearance over time.




Improved skin texture and elasticity

Takes 45 minutes

No downtime

Polynucleotides are composed of a complex mixture of nucleotides, which are the building blocks of DNA. These nucleotides play a crucial role in cellular metabolism and repair processes. When administered into the skin, polynucleotides stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms, promoting tissue regeneration and rejuvenation.

Polynucleotide treatments are versatile and can address a wide range of skin concerns. They are particularly effective in reducing visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. By stimulating collagen and elastin production, polynucleotides restore skin firmness and elasticity, resulting in a more youthful appearance. Additionally, polynucleotides improve skin hydration and texture, leading to a smoother and more radiant complexion. These treatments can also target specific skin issues like acne scars, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Polynucleotide treatments are suitable if you’re looking to rejuvenate their skin and address signs of ageing. They are ideal for those seeking non-invasive solutions to improve skin firmness, texture, and hydration. Whether you’re dealing with fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, or dull skin, polynucleotide treatments help you to achieve a more youthful and radiant complexion.

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Polynucleotides are natural compounds, essential components of DNA and RNA, used in aesthetic treatments for skin rejuvenation. They stimulate the body’s natural regenerative processes, enhancing skin health and appearance.

Polynucleotides are made from nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA and RNA. They are typically derived from natural sources, such as trout or salmon DNA, and are purified for use in skin treatments.

The number of polynucleotide treatments needed varies based on skin conditions and goals. Typically, a series of treatments are recommended for best results, after a thorough initial consultation from Amanda.

Polynucleotide treatments have minimal downtime, however some side effects can include mild swelling or redness at injection sites, which subside quickly. The treatments are generally well-tolerated.


"Polynucleotide treatments rejuvenate your skin, bringing out its natural glow.”



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