The Menopause Show

Check out Amanda’s discussion on Women’s Radio Station’s ‘The Menopause Show’ with host Sue Moxley.

Listen as Amanda dives into the topic of women’s health and the pro-ageing journey, sharing her expertise on treating women experiencing menopause. Discover how Amanda is breaking taboos surrounding menopause symptoms, fostering an environment where everyone feels comfortable discussing their experiences. With a holistic approach, Amanda sheds light on optimising both skin health and overall well-being for women navigating this important stage of life. Tune in to “The Menopause Show” to hear more!

Men’s & Women’s Radio Station · The Menopause Show With Sue Moxley – Amanda Azzopardi


Amanda Azzopardi, an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Aesthetic Medicine Prescriber, specialises in ageing-related changes. With a Masters in Advanced Clinical Practice, she's trained at the renowned Harley Academy in London and the Level 7 accredited Derma Medical Academy. Boasting over 15 years of global experience in acute medical settings and extensive aesthetic insurance, Amanda combines care, skill, and professionalism to ensure your treatments are in trustworthy hands.


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